Tractive Power Corporation

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   Authorized Dealer

Motive Power Resources, Inc. is a proud authorized dealer of Tractive Power Corp. locomotives. Founded by Frank Donnely in 2010, Tractive Power Corp. provides quality locomotives for a wide variety of industrial uses including for steel and paper mills, chemical companies, ports, and large grain elevators. Tractive Power Corp. locomotives are custom-built to order, and provide a one-of-a-kind transportation experience for all major industrial needs.

tractive power corporation

The TP56

by Tractive Power Corp.

Tractive Power Corporation’s new TP56 Industrial Locomotive Switcher is a fully-customizable solution for the switching requirements of industrial rail operators. The TP56 offers better overall performance, lower maintenance, readily-available, off-the-shelf components, greater fuel savings, and lower overall life cycle costs. Contact us today for more information on our proud partnership with Tractive Power Corporation.